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Company Attitude Towards IT Managers

By Hockeyist ·
I would like to know if the attitude towards IT Managers by upper management and other peer managers has changed over the past five years.
I have been involved in IT for over 20 years. In my experience and those of my colleagues, the attitude seems to be better in the last 3 years. Could this be the result of IT Managers educating themselves in business skills? Could it be that IT skilled people are making it to the upper management level/board level?
In my opinion, in the past, upper management are the ones to blame for the distrust that exists between IT and "the business" often have senior management thrown money at an IT problem in the hope that the problem will "go away". I know, when I was a young IT administrator, all I had to do was ask for a budget and the money flowed and it was duly consumed, no questions asked.
It's easier to train IT Managers in business skills than to train Business Managers in IT skills. There have been a number of MBA IT trained IT Managers popping up in the market. Could this be the reason for the attitude change (if there is one) in the past five years?

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Business and IT

by house In reply to Company Attitude Towards ...

Both business and IT go together very well in my world. I think that nowadays, it is very important for IT to be represented all the way up the ladder to the senior management levels. It is also important that the executives in question also be from the IT industry.

The IT industry has taken quite a turn over the past 20 years. It used to be that IT folks were kinda like the people under the stairs. Now, with the saturation of our industry, people demand more from an IT potential than simple computer related knowledge. You need to be personable, have a strong sense of business, and you need to be able to make intelligent decisions without a bias for tech issues.

For this reason, there is a larger presence of techs within the ranks of management.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Business and IT

the business guys are always going to a bunch of back stabbing "dicks". as donald trump says, "get used to it".

yes - business is sucking up to IT when they see that that is where the money and power levarage are located. but once the tides turn - they will stop sucking up to IT and be "dicks" again.

classic case - i working during the dot com and ecommerce boom. they treated us like gold. but when their sales figures pointed ou tthat they were not going to make as much money and they counted on - they dropped us like a hot egg.

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The Dot Com......................

by dafe2 In reply to bah...

Was nothing but horse manure to begin with and so was the PC 'revolution'. LOL

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by secure_lockdown In reply to The Dot Com.............. ...

true, but for many of us, the "dot com" and "pc revolution" was the start of a new career.

if it weren't for those 2 - we would probbaly be working some very manual/heavy labour/back breaking/steel mill job instead of sitting on our big fat *** all day.

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by Roger99a In reply to

I agree. I was digging holes and mixing concrete when I got my first IT job 10 years ago.

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Good Luck with that

by Packratt In reply to

Finding a steelmill job is about as likely as finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Heck, those are harder to come by than IT jobs.

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I hear that

by house In reply to Good Luck with that

I've 1 of a 2 year CNC machining course behind me. I dropped that idea early when I saw the monotonous assembly line work waiting for me at the end. In that particular field, the jobs are there, but you are looking at quite a few years before you are sitting there designing, plotting, and programming.

Don't even try that "well I know this guy who..." - yeah, I know tose lucky few too. Those jobs are pretty rare though.

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No PC Revolution?

by DC_GUY In reply to The Dot Com.............. ...

Where have you been living, Tibet? The Internet exists because of PCs. Internet businesses like e-Bay and Amazon (quoting from my own post above) are revolutionizing commerce. I'd like to hear your definition of "revolution" if this doesn't qualify.

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by dafe2 In reply to No PC Revolution?

It was a sarcastic remark............certainly not directed at (Sec) but at all the c.rap that came with it...........such as those who got in whose only qualification was being able to breathe.

Certainly an of topic comment, but relevant in that the industry IS maturing and changing in more positive ways for those that see the larger picture. :-)

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That's funny

by house In reply to bah...

I've been flamed as displaying that "back stabbing" management trait by some of the one-day transients here at TR. Maybe there is some truth to that afterall. :)

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