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Company Chat Room

By mg_roberts ·
I have 4 employees in the office, and 3 employees out of the office. These 7 people need to interact all day long as a group. I figure the easiest way is to create a chat room. But what can I use as a chat room? I would like to have their names as user names, and obviously have it private.

Thanks in advance.

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Well I don't know if it is the best solution...

by j.lupo In reply to Company Chat Room

but we use MS Communicator all the time and you can add people to the communication. It is secure within the company intranet and no matter where I login (in office, home, etc) I can use it to have meetings with anyone/everyone all day -- and have done that.

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MS Communicator?

by mg_roberts In reply to Well I don't know if it i ...

I assume this is now called Live Communication Server? If so, we have an ActionPak copy of this at the office so I thought I'd try it out and see how it works.

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Well ours is still called

by j.lupo In reply to MS Communicator?

Microsoft Office Communicator. It is linked with our Outlook e-mail. We have found it useful especially since the project team is located in 5 states and 3 US time zones.

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We use

by Old Guy In reply to Company Chat Room

MessagePal at our office. Here is a link to their web site You can test it for 30 days and then decide if it's what you want. It works quite well here.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to We use

Hi Old Guy...can I ask a Q?

Do you find that the use of such software reduces the load on e-mail services within the company walls?


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You should always ask questions.

by Old Guy In reply to Question

That's how we learn. Anyway, it may make a slight reduction but it would probably come closer to reducing the time on internal calls. We use it in a clinic setting. We have it installed on the workstations in each doctor pod and assistant pod as well as from the front desk. The front desk shoots a message to the appropriate hall so the assistant will know when they have a patient ready to come back. It is being used a little more now for just quick messages as well. I think as we go forward and more of the users get used to it it should help in the Exchange load as well.

I really like it because it is strickly internal communication and is extremely simple to use.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to You should always ask que ...

Sounds like a handy App. May have a closer look at it!

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You're welcome and I left the web site

by Old Guy In reply to Thanks.

up above if you want to take look at it. Take care.

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