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I run a Novell 5.0 Lan at a CPA office and have recently been ask my management to mantain our website hosted by a web hosting company. We orginally had a web designer create our website. He used Front Page. My question and concern is, I havenot had any formal training or expirence with designing or maintaing websites. Is it advisable for me to take some training courses, seek an outside web design source or try learning it myself? I don't mind taking on this responsibility to be able to learn a new technology. I just don't want to take on something more than I can handle. I also am intersted in creating an Intranet for my company. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Rob CNE5

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Let your company help you

by katejlogan In reply to Company website design tr ...

If your company want you to do something that hasn't been part of your job before and you don't have enough expertise to do it, they better support you. Prepare to read a lot. There are a ton of free resources on the web. Buy some books, even go to classes if you feel you need it. But I wouldn't try to take on a completly new position unless you're ready to do so.

If your company wants you to do the maintenance, then they need to provide you with enough resources including study materials, classes, and most of all time and patience. If they can't give you those things, you shouldn't do it.

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by Milstar In reply to Company website design tr ...

There are some rewards in learning how to design a web site your own self and yes, it may take a little time. I have designed websites in the past and my own, I never got into MS Frontpage designer, as it is to generic. I only use website editors and do the code my self. All my training was viewing other peoples sites and code and learning how they did things. Try it, and see how you adjust to it, if that don't work then seek training at a local technology school.

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web training

by EPAIT In reply to Ecommerce


Thanks for the tip!


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Talk to us

by hari In reply to Company website design tr ...


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