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Company website - IT or Marketing

By angry_white_male ·
Where I work, our Marketing people have total control over our website. It's hosted externally which essentially takes IT out of the loop - however when we uncover issues, Marketing pretty much tells us to stay out of their sandbox.

I tend to take a "keep it simple" minimalist approach to websites in order to satsify the lowest common denominator - however the Marketing people want all the fancy Macromedia stuff that will make the experience for our customers who don't have broadband access... or to optimize the website for XVGA resolution, etc. In other words, they use their new 3.2 GHz PC's with 19" flat screens as a benchmark for how the website should look, feel and act. When we tell them to scale it down to 800x600 res and we remind them that people still dial in or use locked-down public library PC's - it goes in one ear and out the other. They forget that our customer base is mostly low-income people who can't afford the latest and greatest.

Anyone fight this battle before?

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by brandon.aiken In reply to Company website - IT or M ...

What kinds of issues are we talking about? It is just the level of multimedia content?

These are marketing people. Suggest to them that they add a survey to the web site asking visitors if they could think of ways to improve the site. Marketing people love customer surveys. If they get a survey that says 90% of visitors think the site is slow and cumbersome, they'll change it. Granted, they might change it by making it even worse.

Are you getting complaints to your department about the situation? If you're getting complaints, send the customers directly to Marketing's web devs. If you consistently get a large number of complaints and marketing ignores them, document what's been going on and notify management.

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by Jaqui In reply to Company website - IT or M ...

the legal department to draw up a liability contract, where the entire sales department has to sign it, or it takes over website design and functionality.
contract details that sales will be required to pay any damages caused to customers by the website, and that unless it has full control over design and development of the site, sales will not be able to come to it at all for website issues.

that should scare them into giving full control to it.
either they take legal responsability or it controls the site is the option. :)
( legal responsability will include lost income damages from the company itself )

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Out of the Loop?

by jdmercha In reply to Company website - IT or M ...

So who's developing the web pages? Someone must have some technical skill. Talk diretly to that person.

I've fought this battle a couple of times. It wasn't much of a fight.

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Why fight in the 1st place?

by jkameleon In reply to Company website - IT or M ...

Does your job depend on the outcome of this battle? Does your salary depend on it? What's in there for you?

If it's not your business, if it's not your profit- don't waste your time on it.

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Concur - Pick Your Fights

by Wayne M. In reply to Why fight in the 1st plac ...

jkameleon is correct, sometimes the best approach is just to say, "It's not my job, man!"

The web site is designed by your marketing group and hosted externally. It sounds like it is outside your sphere of control, so leave it alone. Talking to the client base is marketing's responsibility, so let them do their jobs and let them make their own mistakes.

It is certainly okay to volunteer to help out, if that communication channel is open to you. If not, or if your offer is rebuffed, just let the matter drop. No sense in getting worked up about it if you have no control over the situation.

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Of Course it's you money

by fluidtech In reply to Concur - Pick Your Fights

If your company depends on your web-site for marketing your products and it is not performing, welcome to bankruptcy...population...your company.
All company employees should develop the mindset that "if the company isn't making money...then neither am I".
It might not be your job to fix something, but you should make the people who sign the cheques aware of the issues (if it is not happening through proper chain of command).

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Developing a mindset

by jkameleon In reply to Of Course it's you money

Mindset left to itself tends to gravitate towards reality. In whatever way is mindset wilfully developed, they all lead away from reality.

> All company employees should develop the mindset that "if the company isn't making money...then neither am I".

If your salary goes up, company profits go down. If your salary goes down, company profits go up. So: The company makes money you don't, and the other way around.

> It might not be your job to fix something, but you should make the people who sign the cheques aware of the issues (if it is not happening through proper chain of command).

Sure, it never hurts to write a memo.

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let go

by brewerjjb In reply to Company website - IT or M ...

I presently am having to design a site that will have video for a news tv station. Unfortunately what they know about technology you could put in a thimble.

I feel your pain however! its frustrating when people know just enough to screw things up and you have to deal with the problems.

One possible Solution is very simple! I let them have it for a moment. They designed and implemented the site and were very much surprised at the number of problems they ran into. Finally they said the heck with it and turned it all over to me where it should belong.

So i say this to you! LET THEM HAVE IT! And i do mean fully! if someone calls in concerning the website forward the call to marketing! Since they design it, let them have it! let them have all the complaints etc. Eventually they will either get smart and learn how to fix it! or they will turn it over to the right place.

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