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    Companys that can be Fighting for your Pocket Book


    by salinascjohn ·

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      If it is so good?

      by salinascjohn ·

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      If a system is so good then why do we need so much software and upgraded hardware to support this fine new machine that you have purchased? Why do we need to update and secure our systems if they are so good in their perspective marketing pre-purchase campains. Whats next? Now that the computer industry has gotten faster with better storage chips, componants and faster tweaked out sytems.  Are we going to be having a fancy colorfull machine, metal or non metal box’s Flat screens, etc. What else can they sell us? Next added gagets will be sold as they are now, all the industry has now is more and more fear based junk in advertisments. Y2K for example I believe was set up by companies to get you to buy the turnover software when the day fell nothing happened. Did anyone even check or investigate how much money these online companies made from this Y2K issue. Maybe there are some of us that just keep on going and buying various tools or methods for our computer madness. Beware public of the general deception that is getting you sucked in. Trojin viruses alerts, hurry get the McAfee full version software now to protect yourself from these intrusive trogins, various spyware and addware programs are now the big deal with the industry and freaking folks out to think that they have to buy the latest spyware and addware programs to clean their systems. This and many more examples are squeezing our pocketbooks to no end.

      more to come!

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