companyweb not working

By tmsytc ·
I am running Microsoft SBS 2003 and the http://companyweb website is not working at all. Additionally, there is no default.aspx or default.htm page (or any other page) in the inetpub/companyweb directory.

I followed the Microsoft Knowledgebase walkthough (**14) to reinstall the companyweb website and the entire companyweb folder disappeared and reappeared as expected, but the website still does not work

The wwwRoot or http://[server-name] website works fine. (Of course when I click on My Company's Internal Web Site it can't find the page).

How do I get this working? I have searched the forums (and several other forums) in vain.


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This product name scares me

by Slayer_ In reply to companyweb not working

Alright, most obvious first, is Port 80 or Port 8080 blocked anywhere on your network between your server and your router. Make sure your router is forwarding port 80 to your private IP address, make sure your windows firewall allows port 80.

And, if your not committed to using that server software, I suggest using something like Apache.

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port 80 is fine

by tmsytc In reply to This product name scares ...

Port 80 is not blocked, and that doesn't explain why there is no default page in the directory.

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Have you made a default page yet?

by Slayer_ In reply to port 80 is fine

If you haven't made a page....

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SBS comes with one

by tmsytc In reply to Have you made a default p ...

SBS comes with a default companyweb internal website. I found a network that has a functional companyweb and it's actually not supposed to have a default file in that particular directory.

It gets its aspx files from a template directory (which are in place on my server) so that's not the issue.

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Have you tried testing it...

by Slayer_ In reply to SBS comes with one

From the server itself, website addy

If that works then try from another machine on your network (proving server firewalls).

If that works, then we are down to router firewalls.

Also, for shits and giggles, possible remove the asp pages and just drop a simple index.html file in the root of the site directory and try to get that to load first.

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See if this will help

by Jacky Howe In reply to companyweb not working

Check out these services and make sure that they are started and set to automatic.




Also try connecting with http://companyweb/default.aspx

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hope you used this method

by CG IT In reply to companyweb not working

Use the Windows Small Business Server Setup 2003 program to install the Intranet component.

Often, if the company web sharepoint site doesn't work, the only option is to start with a fresh install of SBS.

Note: This has been a known issue for quite some time. Often, Sharepoint services gets broken during a restore from a backup, stays broken.

Make sure you've installed this update before you try using the SBS setup option for maintenance on Sharepoint services company web site. Also, you need to use the .local default domain extension. If you use something different than the .local domain extension, such as .com or .net the sharepoint services web site won't work as SBS DNS service will try to resolve to a .com and when it can't send the query to root hint servers which also can't resolve the DNS query.

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