Compaq 610 Laptop restarting

By hackertaz2000 ·
i have installed windows 7 on a compaq 610 notebook and even installed all the drivers and other softwares needed. but what bothers me is that the laptop keeps restarting on its own every 2 hours, thugh its not prompting for any errors.

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To see the error, stop "automatically restart" first..

by cmatthews In reply to Compaq 610 Laptop restart ...

On start, right-click computer, properties and "advanced system settings" on the left. On the advanced tab go to settings of 'startup and Recovery', and uncheck "automatically restart" and click ok.

You may want to check for system events in control panel:
Go to system and security, administrative tools, and open event viewer and tell us what you see..

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@ cmatthews

by hackertaz2000 In reply to To see the error, stop "a ...

okay i'll do that, then ....

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And if the Auto Restart is not checked

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Compaq 610 Laptop restart ...

Open the BIOS and check for Temp Settings on the CPU as well as Fan Speed Alerts that tell the system to restart when either a certain Temp is reached or the Fan Speed drops below a certain level.

The most likely is that once the CPU reaches something like 55C the system restarts to prevent overheating of the CPU here you need to alter this temp to the highest available and instead of restarting to Throttle Back the Duty Cycle of the CPU.

Do the same thing with the Fan Speed settings int he BIOS and remember to save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

Also as this is a NB I always recommend that you use a Cool Pad like this one to prevent dust and other crud getting sucked into the Air Passages used to cool the internal components of the NB and block the Air flow causing the unit to run hotter.

In some cases you need to clean out these Air Passages so that the CPU and other components are properly cooled again. If that is required you really need a Cool Pad like the one shown above to stop this happening again. It shortens the life of the NB and worse still can result in Data Loss when a Overheated HDD fails.


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Yup very true, and use SpeedFan for live CPU temps..

by cmatthews In reply to And if the Auto Restart i ...

.. and HDrive SMART status comparisons against a huge internet D-Base of thousands of drives of like models. If the HDrive shuts down on overheat, Windows will GPF on a "write-delay", and nothing will get to the logs.

I find that SpeedFan is one of the Internet's most interesting D-Base's, because it informs on how your HDrive stacks-up against those in the wild.

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One small thing to add to some excellent posts!

by mafergus In reply to And if the Auto Restart i ...

If you have tried all of the above and the laptop still shows high temps, I have seen cases where the CPU heatsink paste has dried up or worse, been over applied. I wouldn't try it if oyu aren't comfortable with tearing into a laptop, but as a last resort I have seen pretty good results doing this.

If it isn't a heat problem. I would look at the poewer management and make sure it isn't set to shut down or go into hibernation at that point.

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