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Compaq and HP merger

By nonamecharlie ·
FTC just cleared the way for HP and Compaq, now it is just an arm wrestling match for Fiorina and Hewlett.

I wasn't keen on the idea. Always had superb experience with Compaq. Afraid HP was going to flush it down the toilet because, well, theydid so great in PC market[sarc]. Didn't they?

May move over to Dell.

What are your thoughts out there?

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wait for the reviews

by road-dog In reply to Compaq and HP merger

Maybe we should wait for the first PCs to roll out under the hewcom banner. Actually things may shake out sooner because degradation of support will be noticed and ranted about early.

The industry will watch this one closely as the cloud of monopoly looms...

If you need a PC in the meantime though, Dell will probably be a better choice. Not that I'm an expert on PC performance, but its the same principle as not buying a car built on Monday. People are not at their best....

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Good for HP, too bad for Compaq

by nonamecharlie In reply to wait for the reviews

Listening to her on Fox News and does make sense for HP. Unfortunately, it doesn't bode well for Compaq or rather for Compaq's clients. When TI sold off their laptop division to a lesser company, Acer (sp?), support and quality went intothe crapper. The problem is that while HP will inherent a good name, reputation, and good practices, they will spoil it.

Dell support on their servers is great. If I had two coins to rub together, I would invest there. I don't know about Dell PCs but their laptops aren't so great. Spoiled by Thinkpads I guess. HP laptops are inferior as well, including their support.

HP won't figure out what made Compaq such a staple in IT. OR maybe they will afterall, who doesn't own an HP printer?

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Like the Kid says on TV

by road-dog In reply to Good for HP, too bad for ...

DUDE! You're getting a DELL!!

OK, somebody had to say it..

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Could be a good match!

by Zara_29 In reply to wait for the reviews

Hey boys,

Zara here in Germany. I disagree, I think there is potential in this combination, it's always something that needs time to see, but with HP's specialization in printers and imaging technology and Compaq's high quality PC's, they may be a hot match. As for HP's PCs, I've just gotten the Omnibook 500 XP pro edition and it rocks, but maybe you've had other experiences.
The big news here right now is the CeBIT in Hannover. HP has quite a exhibition there as well. You can check out more about this under
They have some interesting news about the latest technologies.

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Here is the scoop

by joshkirkwood301 In reply to Could be a good match!

Hp is going to keep the major computers (mainframes, servers and so on) compaq is going to keep the name and sitck to the home computers and note books, which puts good product on the market directed toward the right market. I would invest in compaq, when this merg. goes through I think it will have a great turn around

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