Compaq Deskpro

By timlade ·
I was attempting to replace the hard drive on a friends old Deskpro and upon installing the new hd and then putting the case back on I can't get the system to power up.

The green light at the front blinks a few times but the system does not boot. I replaced the old hard drive and attempted a power up and again nothing happens.

Any ideas?

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Ah the old Deskpro

by Michael Jay In reply to Compaq Deskpro

I would suspect that something has been knocked loose, recheck all connectors and memory for proper seating, if that does not help then your power supply or motherboard and memory are all suspects in this case.

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compaq deskpro, same problem

by michael.mcdonald01 In reply to Compaq Deskpro

I have the same problem with my deskpro. Opened it up last night to upgrade the current 15GB drive to a 40GB one, and the same thing happened as what you described.

Thinking it was just me, I emailed HP and they reckon it's a motherboard fault (funny how it was working perfectly before I replaced the hard drive). So now I'm left with only a few working components out of it... Funny thing is the oringinal hard disk works perfectly though :-(

Have you managed to solve your issue yet?

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Can Try this

by jamesmondtan In reply to compaq deskpro, same prob ...

For Michael's case, how old was your computer, some old type motherboard's bios may not be able to regonise the big capacity hard disk, you may need to update bios (if posible) but first, i suggest you check your motherboard website for the details.

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Could it be

by jamesmondtan In reply to Compaq Deskpro

timlade case. To me it sound's like your IDE cable maybe loose or spoil. one thing on this IDE cable, easy to spoil if you did not pull it with care. Can try using a new IDE cable.

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compaq deskpro, same problem

by michael.mcdonald01 In reply to Could it be


Thanks for your reply... mine is an Intel Pentium 3 667. It has 128mb of ram preinstalled and a 15GB hard disk, that was also installed.

My other compaq deskpro (which runs perfectly) is a Pentium 3 1GHz(oringinally came with around 667MHz, with 256MB of ram, and has no troubles running the 160GB maxtor that is in it.

Do you need any specific details of the motherboard? - HP definitely told me that they think the motherboard is stuffed, which I find hard to believe considering all that I replaced was the hard disk.

The system was running perfectly up until this point, and I have tried, reseating the CPU, RAM, and even following HP's suggestions of trying another video card, all to no avail.

Looks like I'll have to throw it out, and get another small server

EDIT: Also forgot to mention the fact that even if I plug the original hard disk back in, the PC still won't boot either, (so a hard disk that is too big definitely isn't the case)so all fingers are strangely pointing towards a dead board.

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Have you try this.

by jamesmondtan In reply to compaq deskpro, same prob ...

Is this a pc? or server? did you try a new ide cable? As i said, be careful when you unplug the ide cable the connect head easy spoil. Though you can see the break without truely look in it.

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