Compaq desktop pentium 4 intel processor inside doen't start?

By Dpg213 ·
i have a compaq desktop pentium 4, running at 1.5ghz, it doesn;t start yet its powersupply and the switch are fine. please help me troubleshoot it and fix it.
however when i try switching it on the lights next to the switch remain green with no display on the monitor or lcd desktop and put it off i have to remove the power cable.
i will be grateful for the assistance offered.Dpg213

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Start with the easy things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Compaq desktop pentium 4 ...

Replace the Power Supply with a Known Good one or remove the PS from this unit and test it in another computer to make sure that it actually works.

LED's and Fans spinning don't mean that the PS is OK it at best just means that there is sufficient power available to spin a fan but in no way implies that the 3, 5 or 12 V DC Rails have the right voltage or current available.

If that works remove the RAM and see if you hear any beeps from the M'Board when you turn it on. You should hear a series of Beeps informing you that there is no RAM present. If you hear the Beeps turn off & replace the RAM then turn back on again. If you now hear no beeps the RAM is working. See if you get any display.

If there is no display test the Monitor on another computer to make sure that it actually works and then reconnect it to this computer. If you have a Plug in Video Card undo the securing screw and remove the Video Card then push it back into the Socket on the M'Board. These AGP Plug In Video Cards work loose slightly and part way lift out of the M'Board causing no Video Display.

if none of that works post back with what happened and we'll try to help you further.


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To be precise the PC is 'failing to POST'

by robo_dev In reply to Compaq desktop pentium 4 ...

Power-on self test will not pass unless the hard drive is spinning and has initialized, the keyboard has reset, and any other devices check out OK.

The first question would be, is the hard-drive spinning and starting normally? You should hear the drive spin up and reset, normally.

Do the keyboard lights flash?

Are there beeps?

Does the CD-ROM drive get power? (does door open if you push button).

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HP won't start

by ExEC135CrewDog In reply to Compaq desktop pentium 4 ...

Are you getting HDD startup sounds (whirring inside the case) and flashing green light as the drive spins up to boot . I'm guessing no. If not, you can open the box and make sure the power connector is firmly plugged into the back of the drive. Is the computer beeping at you when you apply power? Do you see anything on the screen at all during boot?
During shutdown, be sure you are holding the powerbutton for at least 10 seconds. Also, is there not a switch on the back of the case (a black 'rocker' type switch). Pulling the power cord is a bad way to cycle power.

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by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Compaq desktop pentium 4 ...

I recommend a hammer. Remove the Hard drive and place it in to a funcitonal computer so you can recover your data. Hit the computer with a hammer until you feel better.

Problem solved.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Compaq?

the hard drive actually may just need a shake.

On these old PCs, the hard drive may just be 'stuck', so the fix is to remove the hard drive and flat-spin shake it like mixing a can of paint. This can free the stuck platters, as long as the drive has not already destroyed the motor windings or electronics when trying to start. A stuck hard drive makes a little peep, peep, peep sound as the electronics tries to start a stuck motor.

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Remove HDD or CD-drives

by wompai In reply to Compaq desktop pentium 4 ...

You could also remove all of the drives you have available. Assuming your pc uses IDE drives, you should remove the cables and harddrives and see if you can get into the BIOS. If not well, hit your pc until you feel better!

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