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    Compaq Desktop


    by rainee_ortiz ·

    I have a Compaq desktop that got a virus. I have rebuilt the hard drive and the system will not boot. I did not create the partition that compaq requires to use their bios. How can I remove that requirement and just use the standard bios and boot from the hard drive?

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      by rbardy ·

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      We use Compaqs as well. I’ve not run into that issue… but, you could always pop the CMOS battery and let it sit for a few days before putting the battery back and start from scratch. I’ve also wiped the HDD using the manufacturer’s software. (In my case Western Digital and the Data Lifeguard Tool).
      If you’re using a HDD from Seagate or other maker, check their site. They usually have software to completely wipe the drive, including the all important boot sector. THEN, you can reinstall. I hope that helps!

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