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Compaq EVO n1000c Battery & Wireless Woes

By rocketscienze ·

I am trying to fix this laptop and so far I have succeded in everything except for two things:

Battery - This seems not to be working, when I plug in the power the battery light keeps flashing (from the moment I plug it in) orangy or red (I am a little colourblind) does not hold any charge, how would I know this ??? do I take the battery to somewhere or is there an apps that would check this... by the way in Windows XP it shows there is a battery but it is unrecognisable.???

Second is Wireless: This card was installed by default, however the owner played with the whole laptop making things messy... I realised this as where the wireless card is placed there are 4 jumpers to the right and I played with these to make the laptop work as this was the main cause of why the laptop did not boot... however I feel that this could be affecting the wireless card??? does any one know the correct configuration for the jumpers in this compartment??? which is the on and off ones???

I appreciate any help... (I checked with Compaq site and nothing and then chequed the manual however the info needed for the jumpers I can't find it anywhere...)



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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Compaq EVO n1000c Battery ...

Well firstly Ron,

The NB should have a battery Indicator loaded on it with Windows this will tell you what the current status of the battery is if it is charging fully charged or whatever. You can always remove it and with a multimeter check the actual voltages that it is storing. HP has the following PDF file for these batteries at


You can also try the Diagnostic utilities that HP have built into the NB they are on page 34 of the manual at


That should cover the battery problem now for the Wireless connection if the jumpers have been messed with you have a real problem but you can start with the following page 87 of the Software manual at


At least it will tell what is actually working. As HP has absolutely nothing at all about configuring the jumpers on the Wireless card you have two options you can buy a hard copy of the Service Manual which may or may not have the required information and charge your customer for it or if the Wireless is a separate card buy one of those charge it out to the customer and first reset the jumpers on the original card to the same as those on the replacement card and see if it works. I would replace the card anyway as if they have been messing around in there they most likely have degraded the components by not have a Static Control procedure going and fingers make a loverly conductor of Static onto computer parts.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

So you can replace the card and charge it out as the same. If the existing one still works keep it in stock as an emergence replacement part until the real replacement part arrives that way you can keep a customer working while waiting for bits. Sure it might break on the customer but if it does you are no worse off as you have already paid for it and the customer has had a working unit until it broke when in any other case they wouldn't have had a unit at all until the parts arrived.


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by rocketscienze In reply to Compaq EVO n1000c Battery ...

Thanks for your help, I looked into these manuals and I also tried the diagnostics appz however this does not cover the battery, I checked within XP and states that there is a battery but no other info available. I read the manual about batteries and I cannot find an answer about permanent light flashing on the battery light??? anyways, I do think that I may need a new battery - however I wanted to be sure as I just wanted to know if this pc is not charging or if the battery is a dud....

In regards to the wireless... I will just get a new one... I think this one has had it...

Thanks for your advice as this was really helpful - confirming my thoughts...


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by link In reply to Compaq EVO n1000c Battery ...
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by link In reply to Compaq EVO n1000c Battery ...

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