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    Compaq Insight Manager/Resetting Degrade


    by mckaytech ·

    We use CIM across our system and I have a few older servers that won’t clear a degraded condition (we get the error “check the community string and make sure sets are enabled..”). These servers have been upgraded to CIM v4.70 agents but certain elements of the old software appear to remain.

    I’ve tried a complete un-install, have manually cleaned the registry and have searched the Compaq knowledge base. I found one suggestion to use the Integrated Log Viewer but it doesn’t install properly on these machines. We have other machines with identical hardware and similar software that work fine.

    Any ideas?


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      Compaq Insight Manager/Resetting Degrade

      by satch ·

      In reply to Compaq Insight Manager/Resetting Degrade

      Maybe the problem is not in the software version of insight manager. The problem maybe that the MIB which manages the CIM remains even when you uninstall it. I suppose you uninstall the CIM Agents but even doing that you only ensure that the programs that are running the monitoring task are removed. Maybe the MIB remains and needs to be updated manually. I think it must remain because when you update or install CIM the agents must be running or at least installed with their MIB. To prevent thatany modification made or that any other program that uses it is lost, it must keep a copy.I hope it helps to solve your problems. (Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish) 😉

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