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Compaq laptop won't boot properly

By houzi999 ·
Bought a used Compaq laptop and put in new RAM. Worked fine for one day. Then I took the battery out because it was too weak, thinking I can just use the AC adaptor. When I power up, the screen is fuzzy, Compaq logo came up and then the utility page. Tried the setup, default, but all I got is a screen with little bits of color.
Is this related to the battery being taken out or is it more serious?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Compaq laptop won't boot ...

In most Notebooks the Battery acts as a capacitor for the Mains Supply so I would be refitting it and see what happens. Of course you can always buy a new battery or have the old one repacked depending on just how much they are new and if they are available.

You could also try recovering the battery by running it down and recharging several times that might do some good. These batteries tend to react well to discharge - recharge cycles as apposed to just being left on mains all the time.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Then give us the Model Number and refit the original RAM as someone else has already stated Compaq are very RAM sensitive and that could be your problem something as simple as a timing issue that is preventing the RAM for working properly with the M'Board.

Also if you can get the Compaq Logo you can get into the BIOS and reset it depending on the model this can be several different keys so if you have the manual look in that or post the model here.


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by houzi999 In reply to Compaq laptop won't boot ...

Put the battery back in and this time, after the Compaq logo, all I got is a blank screen with the cursor line. Tried draining and recharging the battery. The same thing happened.

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by grandhighdruid In reply to Compaq laptop won't boot ...

First of all, it ALWAYS helps when you tell us what model the computer is. What I would try is twofold:1)try resetting the power manager by removing ALL power from the laptop and holding down the power button for a full minute. If this doesn't do the trick, then the best thing to do is to reset the CMOS. Compaqs frequently get their CMOS corrupted somehow, and the result can be anything. Most laptops have a special battery connection to the system board directly, depending on the model. This is why model types are SO important. Also, if it is an N600c, then you're probably hosed, as I have had to work on several of these in the last month, and they ALL had bad system boards. But try the other things first before giving up all hope. Hope this helps!!

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by pctech In reply to Compaq laptop won't boot ...

Nearly every laptop shares system ram with the video. Since you recently changed the ram, this would be my first suspect. I think removing the battery was just a coincidence. Try removing the new ram and putting the original ram back in and see if this solves the problem. Compaq does some weird things with the timing on their ram and not just any of the same type ram will work with a Compaq.

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by boneyfish In reply to Compaq laptop won't boot ...

I completely agree with changing the memory as the culprit. I have had experience with several Compaqs that have proprietary characteristics. If you obtain new RAM, it must be to Compaq Specs. I have also bought new ram that was faulty direct from the manufacturer. So wherever that ram came from, I would return it. If old ram still works, then put it back in making certain that it is well seated, and try rebooting.

Hope this cures your problem.

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