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Compaq ML570 Server Prev. MTCE Checklist

By schukwu ·
Does any one know where I can get a checklist for preventive maintenance. We have a third party that does maintain our high-end servers every quarter, I need to specify the things they must do on each server doring maintenance and how do I confirm that those things were done correctly?

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Compaq ML570 Server Prev. MTCE Checklist

by RCOM In reply to Compaq ML570 Server Prev. ...

It sounds as if you don't fully trust your vendor. If so find someone else.

Hold brief meeting to review Server Error logs and address any issues that might cause problems.
Address any issues that did not warrant a specific visit. Provide vendor with or request a checklist of tasks to perform and have them record all results.

Software & Updates:

Install any critical service packs and software upgrades.

Ensure that Virus Updates are being applied automatically and review virusactivity logs. Perform full system virus scan.

Upgrade firmware in Firewalls and verify correct operation.


Test speed of network and Internet connection via sample download/upload.

Check the Internet/Mail Server. Review error logs and carry out periodic cleaning of queues.

Backup Operations:

Verify that backup procedures are working properly and conduct a test restore of a folder.

Update disaster recovery diskettes.

Create new set of tapes yearly.


Check capacity of hard disk drives and monitor disk usage. Perform disk maintenance fuctions.

Test all hardware for proper operation.

Replace CPU and cooling fans as needed.

Test and/or check all connections.

**** dust out of systems. Wipe clean or dust monitors, keyboards and mice. Wipe down cabinets as needed.

Test to confirm proper operation of backup power supplies. Insure backup battery software properly shuts down systems.

Hold meeting to discuss issues and address any current or future requirements. Request printed summary reports and error logs. Your vendor shouls be already providing these services if not more. Hope this helps.

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