Compaq n600c worth upgrading?

By dpalsen ·
I recently got an older Compaq n600c for about $50, which my wife is going to use for her accounting office. Realizing that Quickbooks and Lacerte don't exactly have hefty hardware requirements, is it worth:
1) Upgrading the RAM from its current 768MB to 1GB?
2) Upgrading the OS to Windows 7 from XP (which would require the RAM upgrade first)

This machine is factory spec other than an already upgraded RAM.

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personal opinion

by PurpleSkys In reply to Compaq n600c worth upgrad ...

It might not hurt to upgrade your ram to a gig...and as much as I like windows 7, I really don't see the need to upgrade your OS just yet. As long as XP still has support, I would stick with it until you "needed" to upgrade to Win7.

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Just some helpful reference stuff...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Compaq n600c worth upgrad ...

I assume you have an Evo n600c? Here are some helpful documents:

Would I upgrade it? I wouldn't, I doubt you would notice another 256 meg given your described light usage. That's just my opinion. I'd open the memory compartment and see if both slots are easily accessible. If they are, replacing the 256 meg module with a 512 meg module will cost you $40 and may or may not be money well spent. I'd use it as-is first, if it is acceptable...why bother spending more $$$? The documentation is a little iffy, but it looks like that model can only handle 512meg modules and 1 gig max. If you could upgrade to 2 gigs, I'd say go for it as that would be a $50-$80 well spent IMO, but I don't see anywhere in the documentation that says your model supports more than 512 meg modules/1 gig total.

I see no reason to upgrade to windows 7 for you. Xp will work just fine and it still has several years of support. I wouldn't upgrade unless you had newer hardware and you absolutely had to upgrade due to software requirements, or you simply just wanted to upgrade for no reason.

Good luck!


P.S. You can also go to and use the "Scan My System" option. That works pretty straight forward and will tell you what memory you can use on your system.

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