Compaq presario 1500 won't start

By binyam11 ·
I have compaq 1500. Recently it got a problem when the system starts to boot. Actually there is power to the system(I can see the green light) but there is nothing on the screen.The fan works. Sometimes one in hundred it starts then stops. Could any body help me with this problem.

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If you have an external monitor

by ctrservices In reply to Compaq presario 1500 won' ...

attach it to the video port on the back of the PC and press the Fn+F4 key combination to cycle through the three video modes. Take your time. If your laptop monitor is good it will come back. If it is bad, you should get a picture on the external monitor. Try the key combination three times, waiting 10-20 seconds between each try.

Let us know what happens. It could also be bad RAM, system board or hard drive.

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I did Try it

by binyam11 In reply to If you have an external m ...

Sorry for being late, anyways I have tried connecting it to an external monitor but Nothing I hope I get an answer for it. Could it be anything related to the LCD Display replaceable part?

Thanks for any answers you have got.

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Probably failed/failing power supply

by robo_dev In reply to Compaq presario 1500 won' ...

the question is if the machine is performing POST (power on self test) or not.

if it is, then it will beep and you will see drive activity. If not, then it is likely a faulty power supply or motherboard.

Try to boot with ALL items unplugged (drive and memory removed, CDROM removed, etc).

If there is no sign of post with all things removed, then it must be system board or PS for sure.

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I will try it.

by binyam11 In reply to Probably failed/failing p ...

I will let you know as soon as I tried it.But thanks anyway.

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