Compaq Presario 2500 Power Receptor

By chambers258 ·
I have an old Presario. About a year ago, what I thought was the power cord stopped working. It would only work if it were in the correct position. Finally it just stopped working all together. I thought that it was the power cord, but when I bought a new power cord it did not work either. I believe that it over heated or something. I am not sure what to do. I want to salvage this computer. I do not want to spend a lot of money getting it fixed. Can I buy a new power receptor? I do not even know what it is called. Please help. I know little about fixing computers. Thanks.

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That is OK

by Michael Jay In reply to Compaq Presario 2500 Powe ...

that you do not know much about fixing computers.

The power cord normally plugs into the power supply unit, often referred to as the PSU.

It may be that the connectors are bad but more likely the power supply is bad and needs to be replaced.

Your best bet is to contact a computer repair guy, you will have to pay him (or her) but this move will get your pc working again.

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That is the Laptop

by Michael Jay In reply to Compaq Presario 2500 Powe ...

Is it not?

The laptop is a somewhat different critter, that will probably be the system board. Kinda expensive.

If the data onboard is important you will need the expertice of a tech dude or dudette to recover it.

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Power converter board

by mjd420nova In reply to Compaq Presario 2500 Powe ...

If I remember right, the unit has a small power converter board that the adapter plugs into. Too often the plug gets jammed into the socket and dislodges the recepticle from the board. My usual cure is to wire in a short cord with a female recepticle on the end that mates to the converter adapter plug. This allows you to continue to use the same adapter and eliminate the plug from getting jammed into the socket again. Yes, you need the skills of a service professional.

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Thank you

by chambers258 In reply to Power converter board

Thanks for the information. I will take it to a licensed professional to have it fixed. Thanks

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by david.wallis In reply to Thank you

you could buy a replacement dc socket off the internet for about $5 and solder it on yourself :)

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Actually more like $2,000 d:>

by robo_dev In reply to or

1) DC Socket, 99 cents
2) Weller ESD-safe solder station, $80
3) Solder, flux, wick, burn creme $10
4) New motherboard after overheating regulator with soldering iron $300
5) Case of beer $10
6) Window of repair shop after crashing car thru it whilst intoxicated on beer: $700.
7) Cost for new laptop $900


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