Compaq Presario 900 Notebook

By chesshaus ·
I am going to add an additional 512mg of memory and I am unable to figure out how to open the notebook up to do this. Crucial shows the keyboard coming off. Is this how I get inside, and how do I get the keyboard off?


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need more model detail

by TG2 In reply to Compaq Presario 900 Noteb ...

need to know SPECIFICALLY which model this is..

example.. at hp.com looking up the "Presario 900" gives 20 desktop models, and just as many laptops.

the laptop models have at least 4 in just the 900 model line, not to mention 9xx series
as example:
? Compaq Presario 900AP Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario 900CA Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario 900LA Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario 900US Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario 908EA Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario 909EA Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario **0AP Notebook PC
? Compaq Presario **0EA Notebook PC

I looked at the 900US and it doesn't show under keyboard placement ... it shows access from underneath ... most laptops do have memory access from underneath, old old laptops sometimes had under keyboard type placement..

so.. specific model number please...

alternatively.. go to HP.com select "Support & Troubleshooting" near the lower left side, then enter your model number in the space provided and look for a Hardware Manual.

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Compaq Presario 900 Notebook

by chesshaus In reply to need more model detail

Thanks for the reponse! Acording to BELARC, I have a Presario 900 0100. Is this information sufficient, or what else can I tell you? Also, on the underside, one of the stickers reqads that this is a Series PP2140. Hope that helps you.

I'm not too afraid to open this thing up, I just want to know how to do it without breaking something.

Again, thanks for the response

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Re: Compaq Presario Notebook

by chesshaus In reply to need more model detail

Thanks for your interest. After further research I found that the memory is in a panel on the underside of this notebook. After finding this out, I have replaced my 256mb of memory with two 512's, and although the processor is still slow, the unit as a whole is operating much better.

Thanks again

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