Compaq Presario CQ62 No Power Why?

By dinkey ·
Is it my motherboard? I've got a Compaq Presario CQ62-219wm laptop that I'm working on. It has no power. I've tried the hard reset with no battery, no adapter, press & hold power button. That didn't work. I tested the power adapter it's getting power even tried a second adapter still no power. I changed out the power jack but still no power. There is an led on the power jack itself and I noticed when plugging the adapter in it there is no light that comes on. Any other suggestions? Or should I just replace the motherboard? Computer is no longer under warranty.

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Well this depends on how much is being paid for your time

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Compaq Presario CQ62 No P ...

But if you replaced the Socket and the LED still doesn't light you have either a direct short circuit or such a massive power drain that the Power Adapter is going to self destruct very quickly.

If you have the know how and can fix the M'Board quickly it may be worth attempting a repair but if you are going to spend 100 Hours at $65.00 per hour them most defiantly it's far cheaper to replace the M'Board now and forget about the one not working.


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If the LED on the jack is not lit

by robo_dev In reply to Compaq Presario CQ62 No P ...

Then the power is not reaching the mobo. I have fixed and attempted to fix many laptops.

At this point, unless you see something simple and easy (open surface-mount fuse, failed surface mount diode, broken component), a new motherboard is what you need, provided the laptop is worth it.

Most likely a .000001 cent surface mount fuse blew out the $4 charging controller chip, but also blew out the .0000001 cent surface mount cap, so after you spend an hour tracking down the datasheet to understand how to test the $4 chip works, then wait a week for the new part to arrive, upon installing the new $4 chip the resulting smoke may show you what surface mount cap needed to be replaced at the beginning. Or even better, the resulting power surge sends 48 volts DC directly to pin 1 of the processor chip, meaning you have to buy BOTH a new processor and a mobo.

Typically the quickest repair route is to buy an identical (working) laptop with a broken display, cheap on eBay. A screen swap is easier than a mobo swap, and this gives you a spare keyboard, display inverter, plastic shell, etc

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CMOS BATTERY- Give a try.

1- Remove the cmos battery, and shortcircuit the two terminals with a paper clip for two minutes put the cmos battery again.

2- Buy another CMOS battery with the same number.

3- Refix all the memory card in the slot.

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We need the price for the batteries separate

by tiangao In reply to Compaq Presario CQ62 No P ...

For each new phone with a battery, so easy to use

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Replace the motherboard.

You are sure of that the power jack can not power your laptop.
Just try a new battery if it is ok , the problem is the connect wire problem.
I think you should replace your motherboard.

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