Compaq Presario SR1503WM continuously restarts at Windows boot.

By csims7626 ·
I am working on a Compaq Presario SR1503WM desktop PC that continuously restarts at windows XP boot screen. It is a fresh XP that I have just installed on the hard drive. It seems to be a memory issue or BIOS. I have updated BIOS and installed different sets of memory which some work and some don't. It has new transcend 2GB DDR RAM memory that is 1 gb per slot. It works for a little while good but then just keeps restarting at MUP.sys at boot up. Thanks for any suggestion you may have. C. Sims

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Many possibilities

by scott_heath In reply to Compaq Presario SR1503WM ...

Let's start with an attempt at Safe Mode. When you see your BIOS screen, press F8 every second or so until you see the Windows Startup menu. Choose plain Safe Mode and press enter.

If Safe Mode loads successfully you could have a driver that is the issue. Check out the Event Viewer and see if there are any helpful errors. Before I bother with more details, let's get an update on how you are doing.



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Thanks for you suggestion! But still no go!

by csims7626 In reply to Many possibilities

Thanks Scott for your suggestion. I tried that and it goes threw the boot but stops at the safe mode and version screen with no mouse or keyboard response. I upgraded the RAM to 2 x 1024MB DDR PC3200 but it says in boot screen it is running at freq. ddr 333 and also it says that the ram is shadowed. I am unable to locate a way to disable the shadowing thinking that may be the problem. Some times the computer works and starts up but then locks up and shuts down. I have also chkdsk the hard drive with 2 different computers with no luck too. Thanks for any other ideas you my have.

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Not shadowing.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks for you suggestion ...

Shadowing put video memory on RAM, which is faster than whatever native video memory there may be.

The whole problem here may be that this RAM is entirely not compatible with your computer. Also, do not attempt to compare PC(number) with (number)mhz.

Your product support:

Before upgrading RAM:

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Thanks for you suggestion! Seanferd

by csims7626 In reply to Not shadowing.

Thanks for the post seanferd. The memory was installed approx. one month before failure of boot and I thought that DDR PC3200 was backwards compatible with DDR PC2700. Thanks again for all your help.

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