Compaq Presario sr1750nx shut down problems

By raven43969 ·
Having problems with a Compaq Presario sr1750nx.
with in seconds to hours it will automatically shut down. I thought it was the power supply and it was replaced, still shutting down automatically. It needed a new motherboard because we couldn't get the video to work, so motherboard is new. but it still keeps shutting down with both motherboards. Can't get any work done with it. Any Ideas or solutions please help!! thank you

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When you mean shutdown it just goes off?

by robo_dev In reply to Compaq Presario sr1750nx ...

Have you tried running it with the case open?

Some component is getting hot and going short-circuit on you. It's whatever components are still plugged in that you have not replaced.... that's helpful, right? :)

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yes it just goes off

by raven43969 In reply to When you mean shutdown it ...

yes I have ran it with it open, I used the hard drive in an other computer and it ran just fine no problems. But it needs to be in its case. I've tried with the power switch unplugged after powering on still goes off. unplugged and plugged everything back in, in hopes that something just came loose. still no change. even gone into bios and tried to raise the temp and it still shuts off. is it a bios problem or a hardware issue?? I thought I had the problem fixed after removing SP3 from XP, and removed countless viruses. worked better for us but after it was returned to its owner, the problems with it just going off returned. Keep in mind the owner is a smoker, and we have tried everything we can think of.

Thank you for your quick response robo_dev

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Processor: thermal compound

by robo_dev In reply to yes it just goes off

1) Mother board shorted to case?

2) Extra loose screw between mobo and case?

3) Processor fan failing or not seated right?

4) Processor heatsink dusty?

5) Enough thermal compound between processor and heatsink?

here's another SR1750 owner with same problem...


Sounds like his was processor temp from not enuf thermal goop

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thank you I will try this

by raven43969 In reply to Processor: thermal compou ...

we will be taking a look at this very shortly to see if that is the issue. And will respond with what we find. Thank you so much for your help, time and effort!

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No problem, glad to help

by robo_dev In reply to thank you I will try this

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