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Compaq Presario V2000 Power Cord under rated

By Stay Curious ·
I will start off with the fact that I?m not the ?techy? in the family, that would be my husband. I am however the research queen of our home. After reading all the posts in this forum, about the Compaq V2000, I?m finding some interesting facts that I can?t help but wonder if they?re tied in with our issues. They may even solve the source of the problems with many of these posts.

Note the plural ?issues?. We bought two (2) of these computers for our boys almost two years ago. Luckily we bought the extended warranty, figuring they were high schoolers computers, we may utilize that. Both have been returned for their hinges coming loose, one also had a damaged CPU. Both fixed under warranty.

My alert bells are more about the other issue at hand, the power brick. It is HOT, I mean screaming hot on both computers. They have been since day one. Now?both cords have overheated and burnt out, useless, DOA. My husband has bought a more robust brick, and we are awaiting their delivery, but here?s where the story gets interesting.

To allow my sons to get their work off the computer, my husband tried charging the computer battery on his bench supply; its limit is 3.5 amps. The computer battery is sucking more than that, because the bench supply kept kicking out do to being over drawn!! Isn?t that fascinating? Especially since the brick for the computer is rated for 3.5 amps. So, in our simple experiment with our two V2000 computers, the power brick is under-rated for the computer.

There is nothing listed on the Compaq/HP V2000 website, nor on this site, about this issue. But it would seem to me this would be an EXTREME fire danger, not to mention a pretty good explanation as to why all these batteries are dying. They?re getting overheated, as well as the computer is.

If someone has any clue as to where to go with this now, I?m all ears. I?m going to write Compaq/HP about it, before I go the BBB route, because I want to give them a chance to make this right first. In any case, it?s an interesting fact I thought might help.

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by ekachai.a In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 Pow ...

This computer has the fastest startup, I have ever seen. But, the power cord stopped working.

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by aaron In reply to V2000

a friend just told me the same thing today, i'm not quite clear as to the exact prob....he said his power cord fried on him and i said you mean the power supply and cord......and he said no the cord and all he needed to do was replace the cord......well i thought he was confused......but now you are saying the same thing.....thats a new one on me...so i want to be clear about the....the ac cord going to the power supply of the v2000 failed due to over heating? but the power supply still works?... if that ifs the case i am deff. going to look at his laptop and find out exactly that happened and why the power supply isn't damaged , yet he told me it actualy cought on fire....i .v never seen a case where the PS survived something like that, and now there seems to be several reports of the same thing..i will post any info of value to this thread when i get it ..... and ill see about what might be an acceptibal replacement fot the v2000......aaron

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My power cord's not working either

by cthans In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 Pow ...

My power cord won't hold a charge. I'm on my third power cord and as of 5 minutes ago the end of the cord just bent. I handle my laptops like eggs so it's not misuse.

Not in the mood to buy a new computer over a failing power cord!

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A different problem with the battery

by bonnie200821 In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 Pow ...

Sorry stay curious I don't have any suggestions. My cp charges fine and gets a little warm.
When I unplug the battery and try to just go off the battery suply, the computer works and stays charged for 10 minutes. After the ten or so minutes my laptop shuts all the way off without warning. Then when I plug it back in it worksa fine. Anyone have any suggestions to our dilemmas?

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compaq v2000

by aaron In reply to A different problem with ...

sounds like a bacd smart battery (lion) may be defective or at the end of it's life....that your comp to a comp. store and tell them your looking to but a new one but need to be sure it's not the comp. and ask if you con plug one in while your in the store shopping to be sure its not the comp....might save you some money.....

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power cords

by melsoftm In reply to Compaq Presario V2000 Pow ...

I have had the same issue and had one of the cords actually melt the plastic shielding off of the cord! The support group have been less then helpful and I do agree that this does pose a serious fire hazard!

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