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    Compaq Prolaint Server Equipment


    by j-mart ·

    For a couple of years now my son and I have built up a fairly extensive home network mainly out of odds and ends as a bit of a hobby and learning project. As a result of a local Technical Insitution upgrading some old equipment we purchased some of this older technology for a very small price. This equipment consists of the following :

    Compaq 1600R 6/500, Compaq 1600R 6/400, Compaq Proliant Storage System UE (10 9.1gb Disks), Overland data Tape backup unit, along with assorted cables etc. Though this is older gear it is all indistrial quality with redundant hot swappable power supplies, disks etc.

    At the moment it is just a pile of rather heavy and solidly built hardware in the corner of a room and I am sure we will get our value of the money spent in restoring this to a new server for our system.

    We will run Linux on this equipment – possibly CENTOS. Our starting point is to get one server up and running using the Stack of drives in the remote storage uint.

    Our problem is we have no info or manuals for any of this equipment so far we have not found anything from a quick google so we are seeking some of the pro’s out there with experience on this gear to help point ust to where we can find the information we require.

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      by j-mart ·

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      Well for starters you may have some problems installing Linux

      by oh smeg ·

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      To a SCSI HDD or Array. Quite a lot of this hardware requires some hacking of the Linux Installer to support SCSI Drives or Arrays.

      As for Information try looking here for the 1600R and Linux

      Here for information or manuals of the Proliant Storage System UE

      And here for the Overland data Tape backup unit


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        Thanks for the info

        by j-mart ·

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        This gives me a start point. This industrial class equipment is different than the normal stuff I have mucked about with. So far I’ve managed connect the storage system to a scussi card in a PC and have been able to run a check on the drives. It’s winter down here, cold wet and miserable, so I will plod away with this gear, learn a lot and hopefully be able to save this gear from the tip.

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          Yep I know exactly what it’s like there

          by oh smeg ·

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          As I’m the other side of the swimming pool in AU and while further North it’s horrible here in Queersland.

          With the SCSI Storage you need to set the SCSI Address differently on every HDD or you will find that there is a conflict and at least 2 Drives or everything will disappear from the System if A Drive and the Controller have the same SCSI address. Otherwise it shouldn’t be a problem.


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