Compaq R3000 Laptop won't power up at all

By gkunatz ·
I have a Compaq R3000, when I plug the power supply in the yellowlow power light comes on and in 3 seconds shuts off and the laptop won't power up at all. I cleaned the Batt terms and still no luck. Any words of advice?

Thanks to all who reply.

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Has this Compaq been idle for some time ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Compaq R3000 Laptop won't ...

If so, the rechargeable battery can dissipate it's energy away until there is nothing left, no charge at all.

Consequently, it is insufficient to connect to AC mains and power up immediately, The battery requires to gain sufficient charge before the laptop can be booted at all.

If this is the case I suggest you connect the laptop with battery inserted, to the AC mains and leave it alone for about 14 hours, certainly overnight. THEN power up for the first time and see if you get a more favourable response. :)

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