Compaq R4000 HDD max speed supported

By Pirahana21 ·
Can anyone tell me what the max speed HDD I can install in a Compaq R4000 series laptop?

Is 7200RPM too fast Ihave a 5400 120GB in there now but it is getting too small and slow.

Iwould like to install 160GB 7200RPM.

Oh by the way it is PATA NOT SATA

Thanks in advance...

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The speed of the drive makes no difference...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Compaq R4000 HDD max spee ...

... other than what the system can support as far as providing enough power for what ever drive you put into it. The Compaq brand is well known for having weak power supplies, so your system may not even be able to spin up a 7200RPM drive which takes more power to get it started. In addition, a 7200RPM drive will produce more heat. If your laptop isn't capable of exhausting that heat, you'll eventually destroy it.

It's the BIOS of the motherboard that will make the biggest difference though. Check the owner's manual (or the manufacturer's web site) for specifications on the size of HDD which can be recognized by the system. If the system won't be able to recognize a 160GB drive, no matter if it's 5400RPM or 7200RPM, there's no need trying to go to a larger drive.

I will tell you also that if you've nearly gotten 120GB filled up, putting in a 160GB drive will only be a temporary patch. It will eventually get full too because of your file storage habbits. What you need to do is figure out what types of files you're storing on the HDD that you don't NEED and could be moved to CD/DVD (or even external HDD) for archival purposes. For example, if you're storing a lot of photographs or movies, couldn't they be moved to CD/DVD? You would still have access to the files, just not stored on the HDD. And, they would be much safer stored permanently somewhere OFF of the HDD.

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Thanks for the info

by Pirahana21 In reply to The speed of the drive ma ...

Thank you I already have an external HDD (500GB) and yes I will move as many files as pos to the external drive.

Thanks again for the info

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Also to help this NB along

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks for the info

Get yourself a Cool Pad and always use it under the NB it will keep it far cooler and make the NB last a lot longer.

Something like one of these


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