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Compaq suddenly cannot to internet via new wireless connections

By rdp55 ·
My Compaq laptop will not connect to internet via new wireless connections. It will connect to the wireless network, but has only local access. It can connect to the internet thru pre-existing (saved) networks but not newly found ones. If I start the laptop with Windows 7 Operating System it works just fine. But if I am running the Windows XP Pro OS it will not connect to the internet (only local access) I guess it is some setting that got changed, am not sure how, but have run out of ideas as to what to look for. I know enough about computers to be dangerous and have set up home networks and such, but to trouble shoot deep into the mess I am unsure what to look for and if I see the trouble, may not know it. Any ideas as to where to look and what to look for?
Thanks in advance.

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WLAN troubleshooting

by robo_dev In reply to Compaq suddenly cannot to ...

First of all, understand that there are two hurdles to connecting a wireless device to the network: these are called Association and Authentication.

Association means the device makes radio contact: It is operating at the correct radio channel and band, and there is no interference, no hardware has failed, etc.

Authentication means the device must perform a cryptographic key exchange, typically using WPA2 or WEP in order for communication to happen. If security is turned off, then this authentication part will work 100% of the time.

Only after BOTH association and authentication happens, then there is a TCP/IP connection established, typically the client has DHCP enabled, and an IP address is assigned to the device, and it's up and running.

The most common failure is 'failure to authenticate' where the security passphrase or key does not match; in this case it tries to connect, but it will never get a valid IP address if the connection is not opened.

The first thing to try is to (temporarily) turn off security in both the router and in the client device to make sure it can connect. If it will not connect in this mode, then most likely it is not associating.

Typically there are programs on both the client and the router that will show you if association is happening.

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