Compaq will not power up

By mcooknoe ·
I have an old compaq computer that will not power up. If I unplug it for a while and plug it back up, the PS fan will come on and the light on the power button will come on however the computer will not power up. Is the PS unit bad?

Thanks for any advise or guidance

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One of two

by Tig2 In reply to Compaq will not power up

Either the PS is bad or the motherboard is bad. I'm leaning toward the mother.

Look for a shop in your area that will do a simple diagnostic. You want a place that has techs certified to at least A+ and preferably warranty certified as well. If it is the power supply and depending on the age of the box, you may want to replace it. If it is the mother, you won't likely find a comparable mother and the cost would not justify itself.

Good luck!

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Do you hear any beeps?

by kamos In reply to Compaq will not power up

Do you hear a beep when you reconnect the power cable?? Pay attention because if you do CMOS is telling what is wrong with your pc Computer Post Beep codes
1 Beep (No video) Memory refresh failure Bad memory
2 Beeps Memory parity error Bad memory
3 Beeps Base 64K mem failure Bad memory
4 Beeps Timer not operational Bad motherboard
5 Beeps Processor error Bad processor
6 Beeps 8042 Gate A20 failure Bad CPU or Motherboard
7 Beeps Processor exception Bad processor
8 Beeps Video memory error Bad video card or memory
9 Beeps ROM checksum error Bad BIOS
10 Beeps CMOS checksum error Bad motherboard
11 Beeps Cache memory bad Bad CPU or motherboard

If you don't hear a beep. Don't be afraid and open the case. Check if the fan for the CPU is sppining and check if there is a wire from the power supply to the motherboard. MAke sure that the video card is connected correctly. Maybe the computer is booting up but you don't see it. Hope it works

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