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compaq won't fdisk from floppy

By plantman54 ·
I have a compaq presario 5440. I can't FDISK with a windows98 floppy! Why?

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by x1Deimos In reply to compaq won't fdisk from f ...

I located this link for you ~

Please read the link info; other than that maybe the floppy has gone bad?

Can you do a directory listing of the floppy?

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by x1Deimos In reply to

! oops !
My weblink didn't copy correctly.. it has a space in between 39C1 and 001F

Let me try again..

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by x1Deimos In reply to

... jeez I wish there was an Edit button on this forum :)

When I copy that link I just posted it puts in a %20 for some reason! and it doesn't go to the page..

Bare With Me Please...

Trying to post a simple link!

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by x1Deimos In reply to

Grrr... Alright if your still with me, copy the link I posted and paste in your address bar, when it goes to the link it puts a %20 in the link and it doesn't go to the page, Sooooo then Remove the freaking %20, and you will finally get to the page.. whew...
Sorry for the inconveince but can't edit my posts :)

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by fred07 In reply to compaq won't fdisk from f ...


At first command prompt "fdiskmbr" or is it "fdisk mbr"

Then reboot to floppy and go

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by Com Works In reply to compaq won't fdisk from f ...

I have ran into this problem before. Several things you can do.
1. Go to my web site @ and get a new boot disk. Try that first.
2. At the same site open and try the Fdisk Debug and follow the directions or click on the link for Fdisk commands.
3. If you want to wipe all hard drives completely download DBAN at the same site. Put it on a floppy and start your computer. When it loads type autonuke and hit enter. It will wipe all hard drives beyond recovery. Fdisk will work after that.
I recommend steps 1 and 3 if you are intending to do a clean install of an operating system. Backup anything you need on CD if you can (Favorites,E-mails,Documents,Pictures,Drivers,Music ect...).

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