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Compare global IT salary

By Peter Choi ·
I am just curious as everybody around the globe is becoming so gloomy about IT, just because developers and technicians are constantly overworked and underpaid.
Yet from previous postings I do believe the salaries of IT staff in different countries differs dramatically! Taking Hong Kong as an example (though an extreme case), after SARS and other turmoils graduates of IT start off with around HKD 8K-9K.
Is places in US any better? Shall we migrate to other countries for a better return?

A typical Hong Konger sees a dim future ahead. That's why I ?am working
harder to gain an edge under this adverse circumstance.

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$1,000 USD per year?

by Packratt In reply to Compare global IT salary

$9,000 HKD would be a little over $1,100 USD. I have to wonder what the cost of living is in Hong Kong? Housing costs, food, clothing, medical care, etc...

Of course, the obvious conclusion is to wonder how we Americans would survive on $1,100 a year, since we are told that we must be more competitive in order to keep our jobs here.

Workforce mobility used to have a specific meaning in that it detailed the ability of a contingent of labor to move up to better jobs. Now, of course, it describes the desperation of people like me who would move from state to state just to get a job.

But nation to nation, in search of sustainable pay and reasonable treatment at the workplace?

If I were able to move out of this country to a nation that was more ethical in their treatment of labor I would jump on that boat in a second.

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$1,000 USD per month, not year...

by Peter Choi In reply to $1,000 USD per year?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, the measure here in Hong Kong is commonly per month, not year. If it was really our annual salary probably you would hear a lot of riots happening here.
Yet the cost of living is never low. Say if you are renting a house here it takes around HKD 4K per month, half of salary. Total monthly expense of a family of four (poorer half) normally exceeds 10K.

From the internet, I have heard things about EA's working hour policy is really harsh, I have also heard about similar treatment in Microsoft, yet to be fair employees are usually highly paid.

I was not yet graduated when IT boom happened here in 1997. After the tides of darkness IT is probably the worst industry here, probably our salary will stay low in the next 5-6 years (at least)

A typical Hong Konger sees a dim future ahead. That's why I am working
harder to gain an edge under this adverse circumstance.

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Ah, ok.

by Packratt In reply to $1,000 USD per month, not ...

Not much better though, $12k per year USD with half the salary going towards housing costs just isn't sustainable at all. The suggested housing to earnings ratio is about 33%. Having a family of four myself I made about $25k last year total with intermittent time without any work. My rent was about 70% of my income so there were days we didn't eat and we lost the house anyway.

According to the statistics IT wages here have been declining in most subcatagories for the last 4 years and have stagnated in the other catagories. Perm positions are hard to come by, most are JIT contracts around 4 month duration or less. So my family and I live in motel rooms and move around to find jobs where we can. (three different states so far, another move coming up probably, if I can find another contract.)

Cost of living out here is higher, 12k per year would be considered well below the poverty level for a family of four. (families make up 50% of homeless rates here in US and about 50% of those are working families).

Like I said, if I knew of a better market in a different country, I would move if I could... But immigration laws elsewhere aren't as lax as they are here.

Good luck to you.

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Poor Everywhere...

by Peter Choi In reply to Ah, ok.

Seems that you are not far better than we do here. What I think is IT is the only industry that proficiency is not proportional to salary. Even the one who collects garbage can earn more than us.
Peers around me choose to emigrate or work somewhere else (with brighter prospects and treatment usually). Yet I may choose to stay, partly because I am the poor one unable to leave, or maybe I still hope that one day I can become valuable again.. God knows.

Good luck to you too~

A typical Hong Konger sees a dim future ahead. That's why I am working
harder to gain an edge under this adverse circumstance.

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