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By cccgsmith ·
I know that there is 3rd party software available to compare the contents of folders, but are there some features or utilities within Windows XP that does this? I frequently save information to my flash drive to take home and work on and then do not load back to my work PC. I do this erratically enough that I do not know what is where. So I would like to consolidate the two periodically. Currently I open the contents of a folder on my flash drive and copy it to the same folder on my work PC. But, I might forget to do this sometimes. Is there a better way to make sure that all files and/or changes on my flash drive are on my work PC?

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Comparing contents of fol ...

Right-click your desktop, select new->briefcase.

It's fairly self-explanatory after that.

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Use of Briefcase

by cccgsmith In reply to Comparing contents of fol ...

As I understand briefcase, it is used to transfer files from one media to another, which is what I probably should start using. I have been aware of it, but never have used it. However, this is after the fact, and I now need to compare what has taken place before. Any suggestions how to do this? How to compare the files currently on my flash drive to what is currently on the hard drive.

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