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Comparing Email servers

By Peter Choi ·
Currently I use Kerio and there are tonnes of problems.

1) The mail server (linux based) downs once a day (almost)
2) There are constantly virus mails, or reports of virus everyday. Sometimes it is one staff sending to another (of course he didn't, it's from the mail server itself). We installed office scan and it doesn't help seems.
3) Tonnes of advertising emails everyday. Mostly about cheap software.

Is there a better mail server or virus detection tools? Any recommendation of a perfect combination? Better be low cost of course..

A typical Hong Konger sees a dim future ahead. That's why I am working
harder to gain an edge under this adverse circumstance.

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lots of solutions

by Jaqui In reply to Comparing Email servers

for mailserver, sendmail, old, tried and ture.
postfix, solid, stable.
qmail ( haven't used it so not sure about it )

there has been both questions and discussions about virus problems, and solutions.

best option to help clean both the virus and spam is an intrusion prevention device.
all network traffic through it, all checked for both spam and virus.
( router, firewall, virus scan, spam/ad ware in one unit )

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by cnecula In reply to Comparing Email servers

Try one of the two mail servers mentioned by Jaqui and install an antivirus for linux mailserver. It works fine. I use postfix with BitDefender for postfix, but any major antivirus company offers antivirus software for linux mail servers. This way, any mail containing a virus will be stopped/cleaned. After that you may concern about cleaning your computers.
Also, most antivirus software has spam blocking options... and instruct the users not to use the work email address when visiting sites that asks for their email. Sometimes you must be a little hard on them, otherwise they'll do their own way :)

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Recommendation for virus removal tools?

by Peter Choi In reply to

Currently I am using OfficeScan. Is there anything better than this? Surely it does not remove any spam as far as I know..

A typical Hong Konger sees a dim future ahead. That's why I am working
harder to gain an edge under this adverse circumstance.

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Anti-Spam/Anti Virus

by tim731 In reply to Recommendation for virus ...

Get a barracuda in front of the mail server,this will stop most of the spam and virus

in front of that use a firewall with IDP and anti-virus on it (Netscreen) and install a anti-virus on the mail server and desktops

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by garnerl In reply to Recommendation for virus ...

Anti-virus and Anti-spam products are two different animals. For AV I've also used Officescan, and it worked great. I actually got it as part of the "NeatSuite" from Trend which includes server, e-mail and workstation AV.

For spam, I used SpamAssassin running on a gateway server. It works pretty well, blocking around 95% of spam. It also helps a lot to keep the load on your mail server down by rejecting mail to bad addresses before they have to be scanned for spam & viruses.

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Email option

by FresnoTech In reply to Comparing Email servers

Hello. Our company recently looked into switching to a Linux based email server to work with our existing network. After looking at many different kinds, we have decided to use Scalix ( for this need. It is relatively inexpensive, compared to Exchange. We are able to use Outlook to check our email, which is useful for our current Windows end-users, and we are able to have full control of configuration details. The company also makes migration from Exchange to Scalix easy, providing step by step directions to get our users and their mail boxes over to Scalix. I do not know if they have something for your server, but it works for us.

For an Anti-Virus, we use postfix at the entry point of our network, and have ClamAV (a free linux based antivirus) on it. We also have Computer Associates antivirus program running on our server, in case something gets by Clam.

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