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Comparing levels of complexity

By Tony.Diaz ·
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Has anyone, working in a ever had to explain the complexity of their job to someone who does not an IT person?

How did you bread it down for them to understand the difference between one area and another?


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by Black Panther In reply to Comparing levels of compl ...

Yes all the time -- I always get you know computers don't you why can't you fix it.

I try to relate to them at first in a different area to what they may understand for example

Think of IT ( Computers ) as if you were building a house. To build a house you need a range of different skills ie electrician, plumber, plasterer etc etc

To make a Computer you also need a range of differently skilled people, Hardware to put it together, programmers to develop the programs, analyists to analise the programs, technical people diagnose problems and help desk people to help train people on how to use the programs. Along with this then mention that there are thousands of programs and different combinations of both Hardware and Software where each person can specialise in a specific area.


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by Pr0x1 In reply to Comparing levels of compl ...

EXcellent answer... analogies are the way. Speak in a way or through a means that they will understand. While to some, analogies are easy, to others tehy are hard. Equate the IT world to business by using the House analogy, or a car, or anything that is built from multiple parts of different types.

If you can find something that both you and the business person can understand, and that you can give an example of how it works (sum of all the parts) as it relates to IT, then you'll be just fine.

Here is a note, once you find something you are comfortable with that you can talk to in order to exp[lain IT, practive it, research it, have a meeting with other IT people about it to give yourself better confidence in your explenations and relations. You'll find yourself in the morning, going AH HA! and having yet another example that you can give, a better one. HAppens all the time to me now... and guess what, I recently moved from IT to the business because I was so good at it.

Good luck.

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by RealGem In reply to Comparing levels of compl ...

Actually, I tend to use the medical field for my examples. There are lots of specialists, plus your general practicions, and then your semi-professionals such as chiros, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc.

Would you go to a chiro if you had a skin rash? Would you ask an oncologist about your blurry vision?

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by bea94457 In reply to Comparing levels of compl ...

Yes to a lot of people theink if you know computers you know everything about them it hard to tell them because its beyond there understanding so start with the basic of how things work and why there are so many aspects of cumputer industry that impossible to know all of it it changes everyday.

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by Absolutely In reply to Comparing levels of compl ...

If you value your job...

always compare the complex subject to the human brain in whatever way is accurate. Doing simple arithmetic rapidly is the purpose of computers. Deciding what arithmetic to do is the purpose of IT pros. Emphasize your value if you have to talk to outsiders.

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