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Comparing primavera and Msproject

By yasaman80 ·
when should we use primavera and when Ms project?
Please answer my question as soon as possible

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by sachin In reply to Comparing primavera and M ...

Project can do some of the very same analysis as Primavera, but the interfaces are night and day differences.

Project is very user friendly whereas Primavera is not.

I've been in the business for along time and can say that from a design standpoint, Project is all that I ever needed. That is not, however, what I got. Management decided to make Primavera standard company software due to our involvement in the construction management industry. So now each project, even the simplest, must be programed into the montrous Primavera.

To its credit, Primevera will handle multiple projects with thousands and thousands of tasks.

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by RealGem In reply to Comparing primavera and M ...

Use Primavera if you can afford to spend both dollars and time on your project / resource management solution. The overhead will be high.

However, Primavera is arguably the better tool for managing many, large, critical projects. Note that MS is making a lot of inroads in this area, though.

Bottom line: small companies don't use Primavera

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by lloyd In reply to Comparing primavera and M ...

I use Project and I like it. It is very simple and easy. We are a small school with 1000 students and 2 techs.

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by rht In reply to Comparing primavera and M ...

As the other poster noted, Primavera is monstrous, expensive, and user-unfriendly. On the other hand, it's power is worth the effort to learn.

Don't introduce project management processes, and Primavera, in a small company at the same time! Primavera is best for mature IT shops.

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by rob.mcewan In reply to Comparing primavera and M ...

One things you may want to consider.
Primavera has the ability to assign resources by role. In large orginisations this is desirable when working across multiple projects. This may be possible in MSP but will require some VB development to implement.

However getting back to first principles is required to answer this question properly. What are you trying to achieve? How big is the resource pool being managed? How many projects? How complex? How may Project Managers? etc.

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