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    Comparing SQL server 2005 with Oracle 11g


    by mikebyrne000 ·

    I need peoples opinions on my comparisons of SQL Server 05 and Oracle 11g.

    All opinions are welcome, both positive and negative

    Comparison of the two systems

    Creating a database

    When setting up a database in Oracle, it seems to have been created during the installation phase. SQL Server database creation is carried out after installation.

    Creating a table

    Both systems allow for table creation through the provided interface. This process is fairly seamless and user friendly in both cases.
    Creating a primary key
    The creation of a primary key in Oracle involved numerous steps whereas SQL Server allowed this action in one step (right click on field and select Primary Key)

    Populating the tables with data

    Table data population in Oracle through the SQL Plus command line prompt interface proved to be very involved and cumbersome. The entire SQL code and syntax had to be entered manually to insert any particular record entry. SQL Server 2005, on the other hand, presents an easy to use interface for data entry.

    Connecting to a remote server

    No problems encountered in SQL Server 2005. It was another case of a couple of mouse clicks to achieve the task of remote connectivity. We were unable to make a remote connection in Oracle due to a network error. However, the process of remote connectivity was again a laborious task in a separate application with multiple screens in which to provide additional information.

    Accessing a database on a remote server

    Very easy in SQL Server. The remote server is listed on the left hand pane and appears as if it were a local server with the same easy to use interface interaction.

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      All those are basics, differences will be negligible

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Comparing SQL server 2005 with Oracle 11g

      I don’t understand your Oracle connectivity problem at all. Given the network path is available, a tool like Toad is as point and click as SQL server Visual Studio.

      Other than that you aren’t going to see real differences for comparison, until you get to high volume scaling, clustering, PL/SQL vs T-SQL functionality and the addons. Say SQl reporting Service, SSIS etc, vs Oracle Forms and Financials etc…

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        Look at the tools connecting to the DB

        by jmgarvin ·

        In reply to All those are basics, differences will be negligible

        I agree with Tony, but also make sure to look at the tools connecting to your DB. Make sure to contact the vendors that will be creating DB connections and be very specific about your needs. The vendors will tell you what platform (even if they claim to be agnostic) they work best on.

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          Lab test

          by mikebyrne000 ·

          In reply to Look at the tools connecting to the DB

          I just did thses basic tests in a lab and these were my outcomes.

          I was just wondering if people agreed/disagreed with my outcomes for comparing the products while Setting up DB, Table, Connecting Remotely etc

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          So what were you using to do the remote connection test?

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Lab test

          Comparing two DBMS and two applications that connect to them are two different things. :p

          Unless you want to say the two DBMS’s are technically compaitble at this level of functionality, I’m not sure I see teh point of your test. In fact given waht you tested I’d be thoroughly shocked if there were any substantive differences at the server end.

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          There is a HUGE difference

          by jmgarvin ·

          In reply to Lab test

          You need to go to the apps you are using and do this. Run queries, do simple select statements, do a left outer join…that kind of stuff, but at the app level, not on the DB server.

          Let’s assume you have Crystal. Use a default db of some flavor and use Crystal as a USER, not a DBA and see what you get. Now use another app and then another and then another…make sure the DB does what you need it to do and plays nice with the application.

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