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Compatiable Laser Cartridge

By 852.tonycircle ·
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I like to have a cheap alternative for my HP printer, and saw the compatible laser cartridges are good price, any one use it, is the quality ok?

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Hit or miss

by robo_dev In reply to Compatiable Laser Cartrid ...

Some of these work OK, some have much less life than original cartridge, and I had one that just seized...the gears jammed and the printer stopped. It did not break the printer.

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My experience as a printer repairman

by NickNielsen In reply to Compatiable Laser Cartrid ...

I'd say it's your choice, but would recommend staying with the OEM cartridges. You're spending more now, but saving money down the road.

Compatible cartridges sell well because of the significant difference in cost. There's a reason for that: the quality simply is not as good. I spend a large amount of time cleaning printers in which the compatible carrtidge has sprung a leak, depositing toner everywhere inside the printer. You may be one of the lucky ones who never has it happen to you, but most of my customers have had to deal with the mess at least once. And, as robo_dev points out, they very often do not provide the number of pages the OEM cartridge will provide.

In short, pay now or pay later...

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Depends on the brand and production lot.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Compatiable Laser Cartrid ...

I've tried some. Some brands were okay, some were prone to leakage. Even within the good brands, some individual cartridges were more troublesome than others.

From the environmental viewpoint, name brand cartridges usually come with pre-addressed, pre-paid labels to ship the used cartridge back to the manufacturer. Secondary market cartridges rarely do. This is especially disappointing when the manufacturer touts its rebuilt cartridges as environmentally friendly but doesn't give you an option to return the old one, leaving you to throw it in the trash.

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