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By Larbakium ·
Hi all,
looking for ideas.

I have a small form that is created in html. Because I can not host this "web-site" on our corporate site. So I would like to send this over to couple of people. Normally I would just sent the folder with all files attached to the index.html form and done.

But I am looking for a more "fancy" way of providing this. I though about 2 ways:
1. Complile a exe that would open a portable web-browser application that than would open that specific html.
2. Complile exe with script that opens local webbrowser and browsed to the html kept inside the exe.

Does this makes sense or its possible? If so, anyone knows how to achieve it?


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by robo_dev In reply to Compile Web Site into 1 f ...

CHM is the compiled HTML format used for Windows Help. This uses the Windows help engine as the browser.

There are also several ways to do this with Adobe PDF...all depending on whether this is a fillable form, or just some static content.

There are also tons of 'flash packagers' that allow you to convert flash to exe

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by Larbakium In reply to CHM

This is a fillable form. Just that has been design to be hosted on a web server. But all dependencies are within 1 folder.
There is no requirement for the form to comunicate, send or receive information from anywhere.
After filling the form you just generate a report and copy paste info into another source.

I will have to read on the 3 option you mentioned... I am not familiar with them..


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Based on what you describe, making it flash would not help (option 3)

by robo_dev In reply to Compile Web Site into 1 f ...

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