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Compiler Construction in West African Countries

By ozuma ·
Known having undergone the course while at school that Compiler Construction is process of getting or building program software (compiler) that translate a program in some language (the source language) into a lower-level language (the target language), i.e. compiler produces a program equivalent to the source program in a target language. So to say that knowledge of compiler construction helps one develop software of one's taste that could be used to produce application softwares. The fact that our African Computer Specialists still tend to be advanced user of application(s) written by their colleagues from the rest of the world, forgetting their primary responsibility of producing softwares that are not just applications but softwares that are as well are tools for producing applications i.e. producing Compiler(s) is truely a fact. And there is need to remind ourselves about the necessity to do something about this so that we too can contribute our quota to the attainement of excellency in the Global IT world.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Compiler Construction in ...

Is this an orphaned post?
If not, are you trying to make a point here? Because I'm missing it...

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Re: Compliler Construction in West African Countries

by ozuma In reply to Huh?

ATTN: cmiller5400
I'm trying to remind our specialist of the importance of Compiler Construction. We could also become giant in software prod. We are people with great fantasy. I wrote about things involved in Compiler Construction for those that might need to start afresh. Nowaday, we concentrate on using software produced somewhere else than thinking of producing our own. And I believe it is easier for someone with the knowledge of Compiler Construction to do many other things in Software production and even add/change or modifying existing one(s).

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