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Compiz/Beryl and multi-desktop

By dwdino ·
I am looking to understand the 'nix obsession with multiple desktops. I have been working with linux distributions for many years, but one of my first configuration tasks is to turn off multiple desktops.

Does anyone have any good examples of how multiple desktops benefits them?

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I'll be following this.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Compiz/Beryl and multi-de ...

I don't get it, either. Thanks for asking it.

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Multiple desktops are not particularly related to Compiz

by seanferd In reply to Compiz/Beryl and multi-de ...

But the reason some like multiple desktops is that you can have several totally unrelated activities going on, involving multiple applications & documents, but they can be segregated to separate desktops so that one group of tasks doesn't interfere with easily accessing another group of tasks.

I usually knock the virtual desktops down to 2 or 1, but I sure wish that I could do the same natively in Windows quite often. I don't remember particularly caring for any of the multi-desktop solutions for Windows, but I've used them on and off since Win98.

Mostly, it depends on how much stuff you might have going on all at once.

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