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    Complaince issue


    by thumper1 ·

    I recently took over Network Administration for a small network. (50 user). One of the first things I did was to check software licenses. I found that were very few. Apparently, the former Network Admin took it upon himself to install multiple copies of various software using single OEM licenses. (I base this on management’s reaction) I did a complete inventory and gave management the bad news. To their credit, they purchased legal licenses of all products. Non-compliance was never in their game plan.
    Here is my questions:
    Among other out-of-compliance software was a number systems using Windows 2000 Professional. I now have legal licenses, what do I do now? Is simply possessing the legal license enough? Can I change the registration number on the existing systems or am I expected to re-format and re-install? The people who own the company I work for are adamant that they want to survive a BSA audit if it ever came to that.

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      by brian ·

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      This little program will make this a much easier job.
      It checks the install key and also allows you to change the code.

      I know of no problems with this- it is much easier than manually editing the registry , etc.

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        by brian ·

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        This would take a minute or 2 per pc – literally it is a 2-3 hour job.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      if you really want to know the answer, i would go to the auditors. if you are the only netadmin on duty for 50 pcs, i would say you have bigger fish to fry. having the licenses is enuf imho. document them all put down the key they “Would” have if you did all that work and then as each machine fails or needs reinstall you can use the right key. you should have database of this anyway. make statement tht you are doing this. keep with software. spend time instead on verifying and understanding and improving backups and virus protection and windows updates etc

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