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Complete business transactions with AS2

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
The Nov. 13 XML TechMail, "Complete business transactions with AS2," explains the specifications associated with AS2 technology. B2B transactions using EDI have been around for quite some time and are an established technology. Do you think XML and the Internet will replace EDI and VAN for B2B transactions in the near future?

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B2B using AS2

by gsbnair In reply to Complete business transac ...

Excellent article.

Could somebody explain how to implement encryption
and how to standardise the encryption ?

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Document that XML is "cheaper" than EDI?

by wsoutar In reply to Complete business transac ...

Is there documentation out there to prove that implementing an integrated XML solution is less expensive and less complex than integrating EDI? The only major benefit of using XML is that now the mom&pop shops that only have a pc and an Internet connection can download a form versus receiving a faxed purchase order (or whatever). XML still faces the same hurdles that EDI systems struggle with, primarily standardization of the document structures and how the data gets transformed and integrated with the ERP and back office applications. We are taking the position that XML will compliment EDI and not replace it.

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Message transport is not the trouble

by wonsil In reply to Complete business transac ...

The most difficult part of EDI or B2B is not message transport, it's application integration. It is reconciling differences in the business processes of different organizations and their software. It also is being flexible enough to handle the inevitable changes in business processes. These are the barriers to eCommerce, not transporting messages via the Internet or Lan, although that is a worthy goal.

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