Complete copy of HDD from one to another HDD

By c_tilly ·
Hello All,

Phase two of my corrupted ACER Laptop HDD has now started.

After the good advise i have received through this site, about getting my PC to recognise and read my laptop HDD, i am now onto phase two, which is the complete transfer of all data from my 2.5 HDD to the 3.5 HDD.

How do it move my laptop HDD drive C data (now reidentified as drive E)to another HDD. I want all files, folders and sub-directories moved.

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Drag and Drop

by TheChas In reply to Complete copy of HDD from ...

Well, first off, you do not want "everything". You want to be selective and just get your data files.

This could be easy, or require some searching.

Start with your email files. Open your email client and use the import function. Browse to the E: drive and start looking in My Documents under the user name you used on the laptop.

Next, open Windows Explorer and start dragging your documents from the E: drive to the folder you want on the C: drive.

You could also create a new folder on the C: drive say \Laptop and just drag the My Documents folder from the E: drive to there.

If you stored files in locations other than the My Documents folders, you will need to browse the E: drive to find your files.

Things like your address book, Internet favorites, and web site passwords are much harder to move.

Also, you will not be able to transfer any installed programs from the E: drive and expect them to work.


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You may also be required to Take ownership of the Files

by OH Smeg In reply to Complete copy of HDD from ...

If you had them password protected. This will work with a XP OS but without knowing the OS's involved here it's hard to say any more. :);en-us;308421

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Taking ownership

by c_tilly In reply to You may also be required ...

Thanks OH Smeg,
The OS is XP Pro. None of the files or documents are password protected.

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Well you could use a Cloning Utility

by OH Smeg In reply to Complete copy of HDD from ...

Like Norton's Ghost or Acronis True Image.

Ghost is a pay for app and Acronis True Image Echo Workstation is as well but there is a trial Version of it available here

But this is a Clone so any problems on the Original Drive will be copied to the other drive and be there. Though you can boot off the second drive if required and you can actually connect this drive to the computer that you have cloned from. :)

It's a lot of trouble to go to and really isn't worth the Time & Effort unless there was EFS in use and no Backup of the Recovery Agent. Then it would be worth while simply because it would copy the Encryption Key Intact.


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