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Complete steps to connect SQL server 2000 with VB6.0"

By kmanimaran88 ·
Hi , i want u to help me in connecting
server 2K with VB 6.0 and to write queries in
Vb to access SQL table for insertion,
and updation

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Okay, here's a step by step guide for a student...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Complete steps to conne ...

1. move hand to backpack.
2. Use hand to open backpack.
3. use hand to grasp book on VB6 programming.
4. use hand to remove book.
5. use hand to place book on table.
6. use hand to open book to page 1.
7. use eyes to read page.
8. use brain to comprehend what you are reading.
9. when finished with page, use hand to turn page.
10. repeat as necessary to finish book.

We don't do your assignments for you; YOU must do them to learn.

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So you still haven't done your assignment

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Complete steps to conne ...

read a book, googled or turned up to class then?

You asked this a month or so ago. Even if I was prepared to spend the next 4 days on your remedial tuition, I suspect, you wouldn't understand a word of it anyway.

Get off your *** and have a go, if you get stuck with a bit of it, then we might be able to spare a bit of time handing you a useful clue, like so


VB6 ADO SQL Server

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by kmanimaran88 In reply to So you still haven't done ...

Thanks for ur post sir... u have mistaken me this is the first time i have posted it... if u could not help me out please dont post like this.....

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Must have been the other classmate

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks

you hang around with instead of turning up then.

If you want to be successful in IT, (or anything else), you've got to put effort into it. Not even the trip in a hearse is a free ride in real life. No one is going to carry you, no one is going to help you for nothing, no one is going to view you as anything but a complete waste of space with the attitude evident from your question.

I do try to help, but connecting VB6 to SQL server is the least of your problems as I see it.

Any decent VB6 site, book, magazine, or even it's own help would have covered databases and provided examples.

You obviously didn't look, and the first thing any IT developer should be is insatiably curious.

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Just google it already, this is to easy

by Slayer_ In reply to Complete steps to conne ...

If you google it and ask a specific question, then we can help you.

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