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By Oz_Media ·
Hi sorry to go so far away from TR's focus but if there's any Ozzy gans here, GO SEE HIS NEW TOUR!!
Jason Newstead is an excellent addtition, Ozzy is doning his best performance in the past 20 years.
Half way through the set Ozzy picks up the harmonica for The Wizard and goes into a four song Sabbath medley that is a must hear for all Sabbath and Ozzy fans.
Opening with War Pigs and closing with (of course) paranoid, thyis was his best set list yet !!
If you don't already have tix for the solo Ozzy dates (VoiVod sicked as always but were MUCH better than those Finger 11 hacks, they really have no business padding themselves off as a band, Finger 11 BOOOOOO)go buy tix.
As for Ozzfest, well haven't been yet but will be going to Washington for that one soon.

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Ozzy Guitarists

by Sullyman In reply to Completely Off topic

Ozzy never fully recovered from Randy Rhodes death. Randy was the man, and would have gone on to be one of the best players in the world. His combination of Metal and Classical, changed the way Heavy Metal was played for decades.

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randy rhodes

by scottgannon In reply to Ozzy Guitarists
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A point or just a flashback

by Oz_Media In reply to randy rhodes

Jimmy Hendrix WOULD have become one of the best guitarists, Bon Scott COULD have been the best volcalist, Randy Rhodes WAS opening metal to the sound of classical.

Zack Wylde IS one of the best metal guitarists around. With the rapid influx of zero talent metal clones in North America who tried to keep the NWOBHM sound in the US and failed miserably, it is a breath of fresh air to see an American Guitarist play for a NWOBHM band and do so successfuly.
Randy is dead now, may he rest in peace, Zack is a fantastic replacement as he always has been. No I'm not a huge fan of Black Label Society but he does a good job there too. A lot more professional than ANY of the crap out nowadays, that's for sure.

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by Sullyman In reply to A point or just a flashb ...

I agree Zack is great, 100% bette than Jake E. Lee who replaced Randy.

I need to be able to curb these flashbacks, but alas I guess it's how I remember the 80's..LOL

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Just don't forget

by Oz_Media In reply to Flashback!!

Hey your point is well taken. I stil see Halford singing for Priest (actually he was in the studio with Glen Tipton when I was in Lodon last, probably nothing exciting though.).

Just don't forget, while Zack was doing the Quiet Riot thing, Randywas tutoring him in Spanish and Classical guitar. To shoot down Zack is to shoot down Randy (technically....a bit..kinda sorta).

Up the Irons, may metal ring in your head forever (hopefully it won't ring as bad as the snare in the new Metallica,there's a band on a BIG downhill slide ahead of them, but that's another story)


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