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Compliance can save you from disaster

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Do you educate your end users about the dangers of noncompliance with corporate software security measures? How have you prevented a disaster by making sure end users complied with security policies? Tell us about your experiences with security compliance, as featured in this week's Disaster Recovery e-newsletter.

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We give mandatory training

by admin In reply to Compliance can save you f ...

To all supervisors who are then responsible for all of their staff also following our Computer Policies.

It includes 15 mins of a powerpoint presentation, a video of a business being overrun by software auditors and Federal Marshalls, and then another 15 minutes of powerpoint followed by questions. So far we have had a 100% turnaround in this problem since training was instituted.

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Keep it up!

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to We give mandatory trainin ...

This is a great start, however you must be constantly vigilant to make sure the budget for the training program doesn't get cut. Perhaps showing the video of the marshalls storming the office to the CFO?

Mike Talon

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Educating "users"

by Mr. Tinker In reply to Compliance can save you f ...

I have found in the last 3 years that roughly 60% of the populace, including seasoned veterans, glaze over when spoken to about security. The majority being men, while women are generally more receptive to the information, and actively seek to closethe backdoors. The majority of small business's I have found, have not even considered a firewall as part of their business. This is due to a lack of "return on investment", or, (as I've heard all to often...) "I havn't had a problem yet and I've been up for 2 years, so what is it going to buy me?" This is someone who would run his car on 4 tires and never worry about the missing spare. Even in today's terroristic climate with sites being hit all the time, it's still hard-as-nails to sell the individual the protection, until they've been hit.

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Firewall Software = reliable?

by NI70 In reply to Educating "users"

I've heard that software firewalls are easily penetrated. Don't know how true this is, but I've heard that if a hacker/cracker wants to get in they'll get in. I've also heard the only secure system is a system not connected to the Internet. How reliable are software firewall solutions? I personally use Zone Alarm Pro at home and am amazed at all the probes, even when I was connecting to the Internet via dial-up. I now have a cable modem connection. Other than spending $$$ for a hardware firewall, is the software firewall solution working? I also use other utilities such as PestPatrol and Antivirus software. I hear that a Linux box could be set up as a firewall. The main point of the article is "User" education, which is a point well taken.

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