Complicated Macro Problem... Excel 2007

By Spaynewall ·
Good day,

Every three months I have a report downloaded from an accounting program to Excel.

The report contains data running from columns A-J and down as far as row +- 35000 depending on the period.

I use a formula which, based upon certain criteria in each row, will give me a value in column M. Every so often (no set pattern) a value (eg: 'CDWNH2336') will occur in column A and then again slightly further down in the same column. I will have to total the figures in column M in the same row as that second(CDWNH2336) appears, and only the values that occur in between both values.

Ie: CDWNH2336 occurs in A4 and then again in A32. I have values in cells M5,M7,M29,M31. I will need to total them in row 32 (it does not matter in which column as long as it is line with the second CDWNH2336). I will need a macro that maybe searches for blank cells in between the two CDWNH2336's, then sums column M for those blank rows and displays that data in line with the second CDWNH2336.

I hope that made sense at all. I will send a fragment of the sheet to anyone willing to try this. This will cut out ALOT of manual labour and I would highly appreciate it. Not too sure how else to describe this... So, I eagerly await someone with VB and Macro knowledge to astound me.

Thanking you,

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You are asking us to do this FOR you for FREE?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Complicated Macro Problem ...

If your current level of knowledge doesn't include writing MACRO's, I suggest you hire a consultant to help you with it.

You (a new member) are asking us (many of whom make their living doing this stuff) to write custom programming for you for FREE. I don't think that's going to happen.

If you gave it a try yourself and encountered problems, we would be willing to help with specific questions. But to ask us to do it all for you isn't going to fly around here.

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by Spaynewall In reply to You are asking us to do t ...

Thanks for the reply.

Perhaps I should've looked around a little more before adding this post.

I followed a link to the site, saw a question simliar to this asked, and saw a few positive responses. I figured I'd try it out?

I had attempted this a few months back (last period) and came up against a brick wall due to my lack of Visual Basic knowledge. I will attempt this again, and post what I have tried and perhaps a few nudges in the right direction will get me there.

Thanks again for the reply, apologies all around for the apparent insult.

Kind regards,

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You did not insult us.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks.

That wasn't an insult. You've simply asked us to provide you with a complete project for free which you would normally have to pay for.

Jump in and get your feet wet with VB. If you hit a brick wall and need help with a statement, we'll be glad to help. We just won't write the whole thing for you.

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by Spaynewall In reply to You did not insult us.... ...

I have a few books now and a base with which to begin... I'll shout if I get stuck.

Thanks again.


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Did you ever get this resolved?

by woodyreedy In reply to Noted.

Did you ever get this resolved? If not, I'd be willing to help you with it.... FREE!

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