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Complicated VMWare Machine Networking, REQUIRING HELP, Please

By matthew3041230 ·

I have a situation that I hope someone can help me remedy. Should this be in the real world where physical devices are in play, there would not be any trouble. This is for the networking and setting up NIC's in this setup. This is what I need to accomplish:
1 Domain controller, Server 2012- Two NIC's
-DHCP Server active
-routing and other DHCP Options I know how to configure; setting the server up isn't the issue.
2 Windows XP Clients that get their IP's from the Server.
1 or more Kubuntu PC's that are also getting IP's from the server.

I have PfSense as a router that I can configure to forward DHCP rewquests to Windows 2012 DHCP server.
So far I've been able to set up PfSense to be the router and gateway to the actual internet by configuring the VMWare NIC to be bridged to my live network.
Using the second card on the router as "host only" I am able to get internet connection to my Server and have it online in VMWare. That isn't a problem, what is the problem is having a second virtual NIC on the Server and having the other Virtual PC's to connect to it and get IP's, and then be able to connect to the internet through the server by configuring the server to be a router also. I know how to set up AC DC, DNS, DHCP and RRAS in the Server...Where I'm having trouble is: how do I setup a network to connect to the second virtual NIC, and have all virtual machines connect to it? Do I create a virtual switch and assign a static IP to it and have the server 2nd NIC connect to the switch, (vm9) and then all other Virutal PC's have a single Virtual NIC that get thier addresses automatically, and each of them use vm9 to make the connection? I use a lan segment? How does that work?
I have looked over many pages of documents and I'm still having trouble...If it were in real lIfe I would be okay but this virtual stuff is confusing... If anyone has a better, more concise way to set this up, pleeeassse help me...Basically, I want server 2012 to be a AD DC, DHCP, DNS, RRAS and then it have live connection to the internet.... All other virtual PC get all their addressing info from the Server, and be able to connect to the net through the Server...If not through the server, maybe the get Addresses from Server, and use PfSenses' gateway to access the net...But, I'd have to have the scopes configured on the same subnet as the gateway of the router, right? really confusing or Im over complicating this Virtural stuff.. Please Help me out.

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Adding to it

by matthew3041230 In reply to Complicated VMWare Machin ...

Oh yea; I also need to know, What NIC's Need to be where, and what (if any) IP addresses need to be assigned to them. I'd really appreciate this.

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Repost as 'Q&A'

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Complicated VMWare Machin ...

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