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    Comprehension on problem


    by kshakyfr ·

    I iunstalled my servers with windows 2003 server on them.
    Now i tried to install some software on clients PC with my’s ok.
    But when another user who needs to work with the software,that user can not find the software installed neither on desktop nor in all programs.

    that means software installed by administrator on one PC but other user who log on that pc can not find the software to work.
    Help me finding this solution

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      by kshakyfr ·

      In reply to Comprehension on problem


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      C:\Program Files

      by choppit ·

      In reply to Comprehension on problem

      Can you find them in C:\Program Files ?

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        by kshakyfr ·

        In reply to C:\Program Files

        yes i can find them in program files.
        some security i implemented with running users i can go through local disk c:

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          by seanferd ·

          In reply to Hello

          Did you get this fixed or no?

          If you have removed all servers, it would have been best to remove the clients from the domain first. Saves time on fixing up the client machines later.

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