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Iwant to know how to remove or get rid of compress old files from disk clean up for c drive. I have a lot of files in there and do not know how to get rid of them. wwwfluffy@new.rr.com They are in disk clean up. Go to start, explore, right click c drive, left click propertys, and go to disk clean up, then you will see compress old files. How do I get rid of them Thanks

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Ummm...... you mis-understand what you see........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to compress old files

That is just a list of files which qualify TO be compressed, unless of course you've already compressed them, in which case it's a list of files which have already been compressed.

The key here is that it's just a LIST of files, not a container of files. You can not delete files through there and wouldn't want to anyway.

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I know you won't read this, but.

by Bizzo In reply to compress old files

No-one will contact you direct, as this is a public forum. I know you posted the same question yesterday, but I'll answer this anyway.

The compress old files bit of disk cleanup, will just compress the old files, it just saves on disk space. You can't delete those files from there. Nor would you want to.

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& this makes 3 - What you are looking at is only an OPTION ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to compress old files

It is something that is available for you to CHOOSE (to save space by compressing old, seldom-used files).

It is not an item (or items) that you can delete.

I would further advise an element of caution on your part, for fear that you might render your system unusable by deleting a system-critical file.

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try this...

by balge In reply to compress old files

you can get rid of the message - and speed up 'Disk Cleanup' with a simple registry edit, see here -
is that what you meant?

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