Compressing or copying large (1-2 GB) plain text log files

By sserwe ·
Hi, I am trying to make backup of way too many ridiculously large database log files from a Windows Server 2003 server that I will be reformatting and putting in a rack mount case.

The problem is that just trying to either copy or compress any of these files with WinRar results in an insufficient resources error. It doesn't happen to all of them but is happening to quite a few of them, too many to just not back them up. The server has 32GB of memory in it so I'm not understanding why there is insufficient resources problem. I know resources includes more than just memory but I don't really know enough about how large files work at the filesystem level to fix the problem myself.

If anyone has any insight, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Compressing or copying la ...

Unless that server is running 64bit it isn't using that much memory. But on to your problem.

I have used successfully a freebie util to compress a 20Gig database down to less than 2Gig.

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Worked so far

by sserwe In reply to Unless...

Tried 7-zip on one of the files that was erroring out in the same place every time and it worked. I'm now trying it on the entire 157 GB collection of log files... Estimated time of completion: just over 15 hours... but with a 4% compression ratio its worth it.

On a side note, this is a business server using the 32-bit Enterprise Edition which does support up to 32 GB RAM.

Thanks for the help, we will see if it works sometime tomorrow.

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Compressing all of the files at once didn't work

by sserwe In reply to Unless...

Compressing all of the files into one 7zip file in the GUI gave an unspecified error. Actually just doing chunks of 10 was erroring out in the GUI as well so I decided to try doing it in 10 file increments by way of the command prompt using fast compression and that seemed to work. I wrote a batch file to compress 10 at a time with fast compression for all of them and it's working so far having done 3 batches already.

Thanks for the help

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You have insufficient contiguous free space on your HDD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Compressing or copying la ...

Whenever a file compression utility attempts to compact an existing assortment of files, it requires as much free space again, as a resource for copying all the files to be compacted.

This is purely as an interim measure. Once the compacted file has been finalised, the temporary image is deleted automatically.

But if you are compacting in order to save space, there CAN come a point where you've already run out of sufficient space - in order to save space.

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